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Our History


Shalom Christian Reformed Church was established in 1977 with the hope and calling to establish a church in Sioux Falls that equips its members to diligently seek a growing relationship with God and challenges them to reveal His glory to the community and world around them. Time has not altered the focus of Shalom’s ministry, and today our focus as a congregation is summarized in our vision statement: “Growing in Christ and Showing His Glory.”


From a questionnaire in April 1976, to start a second Christian Reformed Church in Sioux Falls, to the present, there have been many events and milestones in Shalom’s history.  Our first service was held on October 16, 1977, and in the spring of 1978 we officially organized with classis approval to be the second CRC in Sioux Falls.  At that time we had 26 families and 15 singles making a total of 117 people.  A charter was signed by all the professing adults and Shalom was born.


For 6 ½ years we worshipped as a growing body at Calvin Christian School.  During that time our membership grew and with that growth came the need for a building of our own.  Those months consisted of many fellowship events and congregational meetings.  There were joys and disappointments in these meetings.  Selection of a church name, where we should purchase land, what the purchase price should be, and which pastor should be called were concerns everyone shared.


By the early ‘80’s we had grown enough that it was decided that finding a site for a church building was a top priority. By 1982, we had enough funds to start construction and on February 6, 1983, we worshipped for the first time in the building where we are now. The space that was used is currently our Fellowship Hall. Although this was a good first step, Shalom quickly outgrew the Fellowship hall and designs for a new sanctuary were in place. On April 28, 1991, we began worshipping in our current sanctuary.


Although space for worship was great, there was limited space for church activities, and so, in 1995, plans were drawn up to develop a basement under the sanctuary. By the summer of 1996, we had a completed basement where Shalom members could utilize the space for meetings, Bible studies, and youth events.


Since the conception of Shalom CRC, we have had five pastors:  Pastor John Van Regennmorter (1979- 1988), Pastor Ralph Bronkema (1988 – 1995), Pastor Charlie De Ridder (1995 – 2005), Pastor Eric Verhulst (2007 – 2015), Pastor Kyle DeYoung (2016-present).



We as a church family feel the Spirit’s leading to do more for our Lord and for others. Our church is located in a rapidly growing city and has been blessed with abundant resources and opportunities to share God’s love, both locally and abroad. Our congregation, led by our Council, have been developing a plan to focus our efforts to fulfill God’s vision for Shalom.