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Full-time Worship Director

Please email a cover letter and resume with references and past experience to: .

Worship Director Job Description

I. General Description and Purpose

Direct the worship components of all worship services in support of the senior pastor and Worship Team. The worship director plays a team role in leading the worship ministries of Shalom Christian Reformed Church. The goal of our worship services is to enable the members of our intergenerational family of faith to express themselves in worship, through the Word and song. We are seeking a joyful and enthusiastic servant leader who will help develop, encourage and mentor the musicians and singers at Shalom. He/she must demonstrate a genuine appreciation and competence with both traditional and contemporary musical expressions and be comfortable relating to different generations.

II. Qualifications

    • Publicly demonstrate a vital relationship with Jesus Christ, evidencing qualities of a dedicated Christian who is focused on praising our Lord and developing gifts.
    • Accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God and be in agreement with the Reformed interpretation of the Bible.
    • Possess a creative ability to coordinate a variety of worship styles.
    • Be acquainted with a wide body of music and worship literature, liturgy and able to discern what is faithful to the Word of God and the Reformed confessions.
    • Fully support the mission, vision, and beliefs of Shalom Christian Reformed Church. Possess a vision for worship and the ability to express that vision.
    • Be highly organized and able to communicate effectively with all involved in worship services.
    • Be a member and regularly attend Shalom Christian Reformed Church.
    • Strong proficiency in playing/leading with piano and/or guitar and vocal skills.
    • Experience in leading worship, vocalists, and musicians.
    • An ability to plan and implement with the senior pastor and praise team members.
    • An ability to lead a team by motivating, encouraging and empowering others.
    • An ability to lead, train and shepherd all willing volunteers in the worship setting.
    • Effective communication and active listening skills.
    • An ability to connect to a multi-generational congregation.

 III. Accountability

    • The worship director is directly accountable to the senior pastor and Leadership Team.
    • Attend scheduled staff meetings.
    • Attend as an ex officio member, all meetings of the Worship Team.
    • Submit to an annual performance review.
    • Submit two verbal reports a year to elders and to the Council to coincide with meeting with the Leadership Team.
    • Report all worship-related expenses to the Worship Team chair

IV. Responsibilities

    • Promote Shalom’s vision statement: “Growing in Christ, Showing God’s Glory.”
    • Commit to praying regularly for Shalom members and our worship ministry.
    • Recruit and develop worship volunteers.
    • Maintain the church’s music library and subscriptions.
    • Creatively plan and direct each worship service with the senior pastor and other ministry staff.
    • Lead, schedule, recruit, equip and inspire confidence in members involved in services – including the adult choir, children’s singing, praise teams, instrumental and vocal ensembles, drama and youth involvement.
    • Lead the presentation of special services or programs at occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.
    • Prepare content for worship services including screens/sound/video.
    • Direct the schedule the volunteers to run the screens/sound/video.
    • Coordinate with treasurer to pay musicians.
    • Pursue personal, spiritual, and professional growth through conferences, seminars, classes, and workshops.
    • Follow the Worship Team Mandate in accordance to worship style.
    • Lead weekly praise team rehearsals. Rehearsals are to be scheduled through communication with each member and will be held at a scheduled time prior to the Sunday morning service.
    • Work with the youth and develop worship leaders within the Youth Group.
    • Lead and participate in weekly youth praise team rehearsals and worship events.
    • Help mentor and teach other instrumentalist within the church.
    • Assist with the stage set-up.
    • Ensure the organ and piano are maintained.
    • Full sound and video knowledge.
    • Update Shalom website and social media with upcoming services, past sermons, new song playlists.
    • Coordinate and schedule special music.
    • Encourage the use of artistic gifts (music, drama, dance, writing, instrumental).

V. Terms of Employment 

    • 15-20 hours/week Sunday preparation – meeting with pastor, planning the worship service, planning praise teams (choir director, tech team, accompanists as needed), rehearsal preparation, rehearsal, personal practice, and personal prayer/devotions.
    • 15 hours/week – Administration/Other Ministry within Shalom – Developing new musicians within Shalom. Weekly youth group worship leading; Senior High and Junior High, GEMS, Cadets, and Kids Zone. Staff meetings, website, and social media updates, communication with all participants, scheduling volunteers, music preparation.
    • 5 hours – Sunday Worship Services – final preparations, worship leading/participating, post-worship responsibilities.
    • Ability to be flexible as needs arise as this position is newly developed.
    • The worship director will be compensated at salary rate determined by the church council based on the level of their skills and experience.
    • 4 Sundays off/year.
    • Participate in annual performance reviews.